We have the world’s most advanced telemetrics black box for safer driving

Automatic FNOL notification, driver’s attentiveness, fatigue and anger measured, telematic vehicle data monitored, forward and rear video captured – all on the one box

  • enables bigger insurance profits
  • enables fleet operators to lower costs and monitor their drivers performance 24/7
  • enables individual’s to drive more safely

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Our telemetry measures human behaviour. A world first – we analyse vehicle and driver performance


Backed by insurers and haulage companies Autoemo’s telemetrics black box is leading edge technology – developed by two Universities


Autoemo‘s telemetrics black box uses the world’s most advanced telematics, detecting driver attention, fatigue and road rage and includes automatic FNOL

Why is this important?

  • Lack of attentiveness causes more than 23% of accidents.
  • Losing control causes a further 15% of accidents.
  • Misjudging the intentions of other drivers causes another 13% of accidents.
  • Autoemo’s telemetrics black box detects these three causes.  More than half of all accidents.

striving for safer driving